The Radio Academy Awards

A Distinguished Award

The Radio Academy Awards have been around since they were started in the year 1983. These awards are considered to be very distinguished and prestigious amongst the radio industry. The categories that are included in these awards are determined by the annual council or a committee. The goal is to incorporate each of the specific areas that are included in music. A sample of these areas are:

  • Speech
  • NewsCute radio
  • Radio drama
  • Comedy

The idea is to ensure that there is no discrimination against the size of a station, the function, or the niche categories. There are many more areas that are awarded and offered recognition. These are a sample of what is actually being looked at and then judged for exceptional work.

A Celebration

The Radio Academy awards are meant to serve as a celebration of the radio industry and all that it offers and provides. This celebration is intended to essentially honor the industry itself. This is in regards to the superior quality that the radio industry delivers and reflects. This celebration offers recognition to the entertainment and the value that it provides. It honors the professionalism that is displayed along with the dynamic way that it is presented. It views the creativity, hard work, variety, and the clarity that has been placed in theradio industry. These awards are intended to recognize achievement and offer appreciation. This is a grand celebration of exceptional content along with the creativity that is also a part of radio. The awards really to show much appreciation toward those in this field of work.

Much Thought and Care

There is much thought and care that is put into the process of determining the winners of these awards. There are many items that are viewed and looked at by the judges. The entire process is quite subjective. The judges look at the level of creativity and strive to commend the talented craft that is displayed by those who perform their job on the air on a daily basis. It is also looked at in regards to how the station itself is performing in regards to the audience. The judges will take into account how the station connects with the audience that it is serving. This is a process that does require looking at many factors and taking placing much care into the decision process.


Previous Winners from 2014

In taking a look back to the 2014 winning categories for The Radio Awards, there are some impressive winners. These include:

  • Best Breakfast Show
  • Best Music Programme
  • Best Entertainment Program
  • Best Speech Programme
  • Best Coverage of a Live Event
  • Best Community Programming

MicrofonePeople awards

  • Special awards
  • Station awards
  • Innovation awards
  • Branding/Promotion awards
  • Best interview of the year
  • Local Radio Journalist of the year
  • National Radio Journalist of the year
  • Speech Radio Broadcaster of the year
  • Speech Radio Personality of the year
  • Music Radio Personality of the year

This a the broad range of awards that were given out in the year 2014. Each year is just a little different within the categories. The honor and the achievements are acknowledged and honored for exceptional work.

The Actual 2014 Winners

The list of 2014 Radio Academy Award winners are:

  • LBC
  • Tony Blackburn
  • Zane Lowe, Frank Skinner, Victoria Derbyshire & Danny Baker
  • Christian O’Donnell
  • Nottingham’s Sam & Amy
  • Absolute Radio Scoops
  • Greg James, Jamie Cullum and Scroobius Pip
  • Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon
  • BBC Radio

This is a list of the 2014 winners. This was posted in December of 2014. You are certain to be impressed with this list of recognizable, talented, well-known individuals in the radio industry. Those on this list have all earned a fine reputation and had completely earned the awards that were received in the year 2014.

New Sponsor

The first sponsor of the Radio Academy Awards was Sony. Sony did announce that it ended their sponsorship agreement with The Radio Academy. This was previously referred to as Sony Awards. Sony made this announcement in 2013. This occurred after 32 great years of sponsoring this award. The ending of the Sony sponsorship led to the awards being named The Radio Academy Awards rather than Sony Awards. There are numerous ways that achievement can be recognized. The name will not be referred to as The Sony Awards any longer. It is now The Radio Academy Awards and in need of a new sponsor. It may take some time to switch gears from Sony in the sense that it has been 32 years of the association. It may be a hard habit to break.

The Future of The Radio Academy Awards

What does the future hold for this award since Sony ended their sponsorship agreement?

portable-radioIn February of 2015 the new Radio Academy was launched. The perspectives of the patrons along with the Trustees goal to design a new vision for the future. There will be changes that is certain. This distinguished award is evolving. There will be a new streamlined structure. This is the result of a strategic review. This will continue to celebrate and honor the audio industry. The goal is to have more networking and learning within this new organization. There does remain a high interest. The goal appears to be to foster a sense of community. Forward thinking plays a big role in the future. The Radio Academy Awards are now under the control of The Radio Academy.

The Radio Academy

The Radio Academy does have a vested interest in recognizing and promoting exceptional UK radio broadcasting. They provide many opportunities from the podcasters to national networks. They are committed to The Radio Academy Awards. They do believe in the celebration of the radio and music industry.

Radio Awards and Radio Festival

It has been confirmed that the new Radio awards along with a Radio Festival is scheduled within the next 12 months. The Radio Awards will be revised and revamped for a modern radio world. This has been underwritten by the consortium of Radio Centre, BBC, UTV along with RIG. The new chair is overseeing the transition of this new organization. Chris Burns is the new chair. There is a goal to create a new event that will be held annually. This is in order to celebrate and honor the UK Radio Industry as a whole. The belief is that the celebration will being the entire sector together. The goal is to provide listeners with continued excellence.

In London

It had been announced in November of 2014, that The Radio Academy Awards would not be held in May. The idea is to hold the event in London. It is also part of the plan to create a thrilling, excitement filled modern event.

The Radio Academy Awards are Here to Stay

It is a fact that The Radio Academy Awards have changed in many ways. It is also a fact that the celebration will continue in one way or the other. Songwriters and composers have had a long and committed connection with the radio industry. The celebration and the connections will continue and move forward in every aspect. This award offers too much in the way of uniting and honoring those in the radio industry. The celebration of exceptional content will continue. The name certainly has changed but the purpose has not changed. The Radio Academy Award started in 1983. It has seen much success. This is highly important and will continue to validate and honor those many talented individuals in the radio industry. It is true that the Trustees strategic review of The Radio Academy decided that the Awards would simply not be held in May 2015. The new event will be announced. The radio industry will be celebrated and honored in one form or another. The changes within the award itself are only changes. The talent and the many deserving individuals have not changed. The appreciation of the talent and the entertainment that this industry brings to the many lives that it touches is still deserving of recognition and celebration. There will always be those who are interested in encouraging and promoting excellence in the UK.


Social Media

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There is always the option to participate in The Radio Academy Awards through webcast of the events. You will have the opportunity to get caught up in the excitement with these enthusiastic webcasts that will honor these talented individuals. It may almost feel as if you are attending the award presentation through the webcast that is available to anyone. You can view information through Tweets or browse through their Facebook page. The Radio Academy Awards are still vital in the sense that this is a worthy endeavor to celebrate and to honor the radio industry.

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